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Who We  Are

Welcome to Anderson Pharmacy, where decades of experience, knowledge and steadfast dedication converge. While we may seem like the "new kids on the block," our founder and owner, Marva Anderson Brannum, and our dedicated team have consistently and faithfully served our community for nearly five decades. Marva, a dedicated HIV Specialist, embodies our commitment to excellence. Compassion and heart spill over to our Mental Health division as well as to those suffering with long term illnesses. Our diverse team of pharmacists bring tailored expertise to meet your unique and individual needs, each shining in their specialized areas. Our Patient Care Advocates navigate each encounter with their select group of patients with ease and the specificity needed for the patient…each story is unique. At Anderson Pharmacy, our boundless compassion fuels our dedication to continued learning and growth. We firmly believe that a joyful heart is good medicine, and it's from this place of joy that we operate. We find great satisfaction in the care we provide for you, our patient, which mirrors our commitment to delivering tailored, exceptional service. Our pharmacists and patient care advocates take pride in being part of a team committed to fostering strong patient-provider relationships and delivering exceptional care. This marks Marva's second independently owned pharmacy, and we extend heartfelt gratitude to those of you who've journeyed with us. To those of you we're meeting for the first time, we offer a warm and personal welcome. Join us at Anderson Pharmacy, where experience, compassion, and personalized care unite to transform your healthcare journey.

How We Support

How We Support


A few of the ways we support you and any needs you have.

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Patient Advocacy

We help meet your needs in procurring HIV medication, PrEP, Mental Health and Speciality Medications. We are Prior Authorization Specialist.

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Who you are matters to us. You are not merely an account number. We know your name, we seek to know what you need, and we aim to meet you where you are.

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Whether same day or overnight or if you're stepping out on vacation, we make sure to get your medications to you.

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Offering vaccines for you and your family. Our pharmacists can answer any questions you may have about vaccinations. Our team will work with you to make the process simple, safe, and comfortable.

What They Say

What  They  Say

I love having Anderson Pharmacy as my personal pharmacy because through my monthly interactions:

  • They have been with me at my lowest points, offering a kind word and moral support.

  • They have been with me through family loss and heartache, offering words of comfort when it was needed.

  • They have been in my corner when I was prescribed a medicine that is not on the approved Formulary. They will work to get it approved or find a substitute, if at all possible.

  • They have been with me during the many good times too, always sharing a laugh, a smile, and kindness.

  • They offer a personal touch in comparison to the large commercial pharmacies.


T. S.


Getting medications and dealing with insurance companies has gotten so complicated. Anderson Pharmacy handles all that and delivers your medications fast, sensitively and least expensively by warm and caring staff.


I've sent a number of friends who were having insurance hassles to Anderson and they all say that Marva Brannum---owner and operator---is a miracle worker.

J. B.


Anderson Pharmacy provides both a personal and professional touch with great customer service -- whether by phone, email or in-person. Marva and Jeff are my dream team. Attentive, responsive and caring. 


C. P.


I wanted to take a moment to say Anderson pharmacy has helped make receiving my medications be as simple and easy. 

With delivery's being on time and no issues what so ever.

 am highly appreciative of Anderson Pharmacy and Joanna personally for the positive changes she and the pharmacy have on my life.

I will continue to stick with Anderson pharmacy and even recommend it anyone in need of one.  

A. G.


I wanted to share my deep appreciation and gratitude for Anderson Pharmacy and the staff who have taken such amazing care of myself and our family over the years.

It is rare during this time in our society, for us to actually still feel "seen" and be treated as an individual as clients.

I feel that I need to mention Jeffery Mateika by name, because he has on multiple occasions gone above and beyond what anyone is required to do, and has made miracles happen for our family.

Having recently had an encounter with another of "those pharmacies", I was reminded of how well we have been treated and taken care of over at Anderson Pharmacy in Pasadena and we will never go anywhere else again.

J. C.


Anderson pharmacy and Jeff Mateika provide a level of bespoke service incomparable to any other pharmacy. I am very happy with their professionalism, knowledge, consistency, and prompt follow through I receive every time. 

C. M.


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